Our Services

Virus Removal and tune ups



If your Laptop or PC is running slow and sluggish or is due its annual service. We are glad to help. Our service comes at a competitive rate.



Data backup and transfer




If you are buying a new computer, we can transfer your data over from your existing laptop to your new one. We can also back up your existing computer and transfer the data to USB depending on the size of the files.


Data recovery




Has your computer crashed and you lost all the family photos, school work or even your own personal work?

We can help you get it back.  We have a team that specialize in data recovery. Everything from software problems to mechanical problems. We will do our best to sort it out.


New Laptop or PC’s




We offer a wide range of Laptops’ and custom built PC’s. Give us a call or call in for a price.


Phone and Tablet Repair



We have a specialized repair team how repair a range of phones and tablets.





Have you any old VHS types lying about? Nothing to play them on? We can transfer then to DVD





We are a local DPD drop of and collection point